Camp Warwa

Camp Warwa

Mission Statement

Camp Warwa is a place dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth through outdoor experiential programs.

Camp Warwa - Alberta

Our Values

There are three core values, or types of experiences, that Camp Warwa uses to achieve its mission. These three values run through every part of what we do and they are what we strive to pass onto our campers:

  1. Connecting with Yourself
    • Develop confidence
    • Build a positive self attitude
    • Try new experiences
  2. Connecting with Community
    • Make friendships
    • Be a part of traditions
    • Feel safe and welcome
    • Role modelling respect
  3. Connecting with Nature
    • Having a place in nature you can always come back to
    • Learn how we are connected to the natural world
    • Interact directly with nature

Camp Warwa’s Commitment

Our programs strive to provide a safe, caring environment in which to foster the development of camper’s skills, confidence, and interpersonal relationships. Through outdoor skills and activities, we encourage challenge, fun, and a healthy lifestyle. We believe living in a group and community setting out-of-doors creates an ideal atmosphere for people to learn about themselves and others in a manner, which fosters a harmonious relationship with the natural environment. Each camper is treated as unique, important and capable, and provided with every opportunity to succeed.


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October 9, 2015